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Rock and roll at the Rose City Rumble

The Rose City Rumble festival-style event coming to the Bailey Theatre

The Bailey Theatre hosts the Rose City Rumble on Aug. 27 at 7:30 p.m., a night of rowdy rock and roll music, grooving, and dancing, featuring a lineup of Canadian rockabilly bands.

The Rose City Rumble was started in 2014 by Simon Williams, the production coordinator at the Bailey, and Randy Pailer, lead singer of Punch Drunk Cabaret. This year’s lineup includes The Hi-Strung Downers supported by Shaguar, The Devil’s Sons, The Black Hyenas, Bikini Atoll Beach Party and Cory Vanderjagt.

Williams said that audience members can expect an exciting and original lineup of acts that showcase the diversity that exists within the surf and rockabilly scenes.

“We [Williams and Pailer] both play in bands that draw heavily on early styles of rock and roll, such as rockabilly, surf music, blues, and classic country,” said Williams. “We felt that there would be enough interest in Camrose to host a festival style event dedicated to those genres.”

Williams said that the second Rose City Rumble showed that “there is certainly an audience in Camrose for this type of music, so we started planning for number three.”

Williams said that the Bailey Theatre was not in a position to finance the Rose City Rumble this year. However, they were lucky to secure sponsorships from many local businesses, which allowed them to have the Rumble as an independent event.

“The Bailey has the perfect retro atmosphere for a festival of this type,” said Williams.

Williams said that this music appeals on an instinctive level and is played by some of the most energetic and entertaining performers audiences are ever likely to see.

“It’s a chance to dress up and dance yourself ragged one last time before the summer’s over.”

Tickets are available for $25 at the Bailey Box Office and online.

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