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Exciting year ahead for Vikings Curling

Exciting year ahead for Vikings Curling

Augustana to host the CCAA Curling Nationals this year

After a successful curling season last year, Augustana was selected to host the 2017 CCAA Curling National Championships in March 2017. The championships take place at the 100-year-old Rose City Curling Club.

“This is huge for Augustana. This is the first time Augustana has ever held a National Championship, and it’s a great opportunity to showcase Augustana, our curling program, and our rink,” said Roger Galenza, head coach of the curling team. Galenza said that the National Championships are an excellent way to recruit new players. “People will see what we have to offer. It’s absolutely wonderful for us to have Nationals here.”

Galenza has been coaching the Augustana Curling team for several years.In the 2014/2015 season, he won the ACAC Coach of the Year award.

Galenza said that last year’s season brought a lot of success for the men’s team. “The men won silver at the ACAC, and then went on to win bronze at the 2016 CCAA Curling National Champions—that was a big success.
“The women’s team didn’t quite make the ACAC conference finals, but our lead and second ended up getting the ACAC All-Conference Award.”

Galenza said he thinks the women’s team will be strong this year. “We have new students coming in, as well as the returning players. I’m looking forward to a real positive year for the women.”.

Jensen Manners, a curler and second-year management student, said that she is looking forward to a fun and exciting season.
“We have Nationals to look forward to in March, and it will be a great experience. Nationals will bring a lot of nation-wide curlers to the area, and the Augustana Curling program will get invaluable exposure,” said Manners.

Manners won the Female Athlete of the Year award at Augustana’s 2016 Colour Night. “It was an honour to be recognized for my hard work and dedication. Curling is what I love to do.”

Manners also won the ACAC All-Conference Award last year, along with her teammate Katelyn Skolski, a second-year kinesiology student.

Skolski said that she is looking forward to working with a great group of people this year.

“We have lots of new talent coming to the team, and I’m excited to be representing Augustana at Nationals.”

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