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Construction begins on pedway

Construction begins on pedway

Alver and Arlene Person Pedway to link Founders’ Hall with the Forum by December

Construction is starting on a new pedway that will link Founders’ Hall with the Forum. The new structure, named the Alver and Arlene Person Pedway, will allow for quick access between the Learning, Advising and Beyond (LAB) offices and the Finance office, Dean’s Office and professor offices above the library.

The project broke ground on Friday, Sept. 9 and is slated to be completed by December—implying the project will take approximately three months to complete. Dean Allen Berger said he wants the pedway as his Christmas present.

“The time is right,” said Assistant Dean of Finance Administration James Smith, who has been instrumental in overseeing the project. Smith said that the Pedway is the final part of the Founders’ Hall project.

Students, faculty and staff will have to walk further to get around campus while the space between the Forum and Founders’ Hall is a construction zone. Getting across campus will involve walking around the west side of Founders’ Hall by the water feature until construction is complete. Students coming to the cafeteria from first-year residence will not be able to use the usual route and will have to access the cafeteria through the east door.

The construction of the pedway has three stages, and much of the construction is to be completed offsite. The project is contracted to Chandos Construction, which also oversaw the Founders’ Hall renovations.

The first phase involves putting in pillars that will support the pedway and then erecting a big canopy over the Forum side of the site to create a hole in the wall.

The main pedway structure will be built offsite at a separate location in Alberta. “In order to build the pedway they need to know exactly where the columns are,” said Smith. “So they can’t really start [phase two] until they know the exact positions of the columns.”

As the pedway is built offsite, onsite workers will continue to prepare the walls of the Forum and Founders Hall in preparation for the completed structure’s arrival.

The final stage will be to bring in the pedway on a large truck and lift it into place. Once it’s in place, workers finish the wiring and any final details before the grand opening.

Augustana Director of Development Bonita Anderson said she is “very excited” to see construction starting. She explained that the pedway was largely funded by naming opportunities offered as part of the Founders’ campaign. Major donations that funded the pedway are recognized in the naming of three spaces connected to Founders’ Hall: The Luther and Florence Welcome Centre, Jeanne Hachborn Common Room and the pedway as the Alver and Arlene Person Pedway. Facilities and Operations at North Campus contributed the remaining funds.

Augustana administration said, in a Sept. 8 email, that the pedway “will provide students easy access to academic advising, learning services, support for experiential learning opportunities and, in the future, expanded career services.”

“The Pedway will be a good addition to our campus,” said Augustana Students’ Association President Benjamin Curry. Curry said he feels the pedway will “create a better connection to the services that are designed to improve the Augustana learning experience.”

“It’s very important to us, to Augustana, to be able to provide those services and to be able to have them accessible to students,” said Smith. Smith added that he sees the opportunity to hang up banners and decorations on the new structure allowing the pedway to act as a “gate for students and their families” arriving on campus.

Augustana is gaining a reputation for always having a construction project on the go. “That won’t stop,” said Smith, adding that there are other initiatives still to come.

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