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The Lion The Bear The Fox coming to the Bailey

The Lion The Bear The Fox coming to the Bailey

Audience members will be treated to “great songs, storytelling, and three handsome gentlemen” when The Lion The Bear The Fox take stage at the Bailey Theatre Saturday, Oct. 22.

Vancouver-based band The Lion The Bear The Fox will be performing at the Bailey Theatre on Oct. 22 at 8 p.m. The three singer-songwriters have performed about 14 tours across Canada, in LA and most recently in Nashville.

The band has produced an album called We’d be Good Men, which has the sound of a full band. They strip it down a little when they are on tour as there are only three of them. They will be mostly performing vocals with some guitar, stomp boxes and piano.

“For the most part when you come see us live you will hear three voices. We are all singers first,” said Christopher Arruda, one of the three band members. “What the show is all about is three voices together singing songs.”

The Lion The Bear The Fox ‘s past experience in Alberta has been very positive as they have a touch of Americana about them.

“Alberta has been very welcoming to our music,” said Arruda. “Our music is definitely not country music but has a soulful Americana twang.”

The band’s lyrics speak of life and most importantly for them the truth.

“We just sing about life and experience, we sing about the truth,” said Arruda.”There is a lot of passion and hope, that is what we try and instil in our lyrics.”

The Lion The Bear The Fox have released two new singles, ‘Hold my Love’ and ‘Learn to Fly’. Arruda is particularly looking forward to playing ‘Learn to Fly’.“It sounds really good and I am really excited to play it for people out in Camrose,” said Arruda.

Arruda, Ryan McMahon and Cory Woodward are all solely singer-songwriters who were pursuing solo careers until May of 2012 when they formed their band.

After high school, Arruda gave it five years to see where a career as a musician could take him—it’s been 16 years now.

“Both of my parents are doctors, so I come from a very educated family and they always supported me,” said Arruda. “I felt an internal pressure that I should be doing something more worthwhile. A career in the arts can feel like you are not doing a job.”

Arruda already knew McMahon from high school and were always music rivals from different small towns. Arruda had not met Woodward until they jumped in a van to travel across Canada playing three separate sets.

“The friendship happened right away, we all had really similar stories in terms of our past careers,” said Arruda.

By the end of the tour, they had decided to form a band.

“We bonded over all the shows, cheap hotel rooms, bottles of wine after the show,” said Arruda. “We started playing each others songs and figured we should start a band.”

Although all of the artists have produced solo albums they are enjoying travelling as The Lion The Bear The Fox.

“With this band, we think we have created something that is truly bigger than the sum of its parts,” said Arruda.

The name The Lion The Bear The Fox, although it was influenced by the popularity of animal band names at the time, has meaning for all of the artists.

Woodward’s spirit animal is a bear. Arruda had a lot of lion themes in his solo work, he is a Leo and has a lion tattoo on his chest which he had before the formation of the band. McMahon, the fox, is incredibly handsome and clever.

“As we were all separate singer-songwriters before we started the band it was important that we had a band name that encapsulated our three personalities,” said Arruda. “We all have very distinctive voices and songwriting styles. Three entities in one group.”

Arruda, the Lion got rid of the witch and the wardrobe to allow for the other members of his all animal band.

“I burnt them down, at the same time,” said Arruda.” I put the witch in the wardrobe and burnt that.”

Arruda believes that if you don’t do the thing that you are supposed to do in the morning you won’t be happy. For him, that thing is playing music.

“I believe that you have to live to your purpose in life,” said Arruda. “I think everyone has something that they are supposed to do when they get up in the morning.”

Their passion to find happiness in their lives allows them to share themselves and their lyrics all over the country and beyond.

“This is our purpose, this is our passion, this is what we feel like we are here to do,” said Arruda. “Our purpose is to express ourselves and to share ourselves with an audience in a setting like a theatre, and to connect with people.”

The Lion The Bear The Fox performed a showcase in Nashville at the end of September 2016 at the Americana Festival and Conference.

“You hear about being on the music strip, but when you see it first hand it is amazing, to see that much live music in one place is fantastic,” said Arruda. “At 11 o’clock in the morning, there was bar after bar after bar. Every bar had performers playing literally all day long.”

As for why people should come out this Saturday: “They are going to get an experience they may not have gotten anywhere else,” said Arruda.”If you like great songs, storytelling, and three handsome gentlemen you should definitely come.”

Tickets for The Lion The Bear The Fox’s show at the Bailey Theatre are $25 for adults and $15 for students. Tickets are available at the Bailey Box Office or online.

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