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Augustana’s most executive executives

Augustana’s most executive executives

This graph maps the overlap between the executive of Augustana’s 24 clubs listed on the Augustana Students’ Association website. All the data is sourced from the publicly available ASA online clubs listing.

Each dot represents a student club executive. The lines between executives indicates the two people are members of a common club executive board. Not all clubs share an executive with another club. These clubs show up as “islands”—cut off from the larger network.

The following students are the top three most connected Augustana club executives:

Emil Yim


  • Treasurer and Secretary, Augustana History Club
  • President, Augustana Triathlon Club
  • Secretary, Augustana Chapter of the Wildlife Society
  • Executive Council, Augustana Valhalla Vikings Paintball
  • Treasurer, Augustana Climbing Club
  • Treasurer, University of Alberta Augustana Debate Society
  • Vice President, Augustana Drone RCNnenna Achebe
  • Treasurer, Afri-Youth Club
  • Secretary, International Cultures ClubLandon Redelback
  • Vice President, Nordic Club
  • Vice President, Augustana Politics Club
  • President and Treasurer,
  • Augustana Valhalla Vikings Paintball


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