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Celebrating culture at this year’s International Week

Celebrating culture at this year’s International Week

International week is a unique type of event for Augustana devoted to celebrating the diverse cultural makeup of the campus including First Nations and Aboriginal students and faculty, as well as students and faculties from all around the world.

This year, the event took place the week of Jan. 23 to Jan. 27. The event included international fare at the cafeteria with foods representing India, Italy, Bangladesh, Greece, Germany, Norway, China, East Africa, England and Indigenous groups.

The diversity of languages on campus at Augustana was on display with mini language lessons in Igbo, Korean, Hindi and Cree.

International Week gives students a chance to experience something deeper than international food or a quick language lesson. “Culture is a tricky issue,” said sessional lecturer Feisal Kirumira. “Everyone kind of has it but no one owns it. Culture is shared and so international week opens up the opportunity for people to do exactly that.”

“I think that the multiculturalism here on campus is very amazing to see,” said Darrion Letendre, a third-year Political Studies student and a member of the Horse Lake First Nation. “For Indigenous cultures to be part of International Week I think is very important because Indigenous culture needs to be more included in modern society.”

Alisha Lilak, a first-year Economics and Political Studies student from the United Arab Emirates, said her favourite part of the week “was the food and the cultures that were celebrated and the diversity that was given through international week.”

“It really allowed all of the students on campus to see the multicultural society and the multicultural individuals in the Augustana society,” said Lilak.

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