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Augustana PLLC cohort on hiatus

Augustana PLLC cohort on hiatus

Leadership college’s Augustana cohort not recruiting for next fall as program re-evaluates

Augustana Faculty has decided to take a year hiatus from the Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) program, a two-year interdisciplinary leadership program aimed at upper year undergraduate students.

The PLLC offers a range of perks to offer to its students including a $5000.00 scholarship for each scholar upon completing their summer stretch experience portion of the program, the chance to work with a diverse student body, residence options, networking opportunities and project management experience, among others.

Its aim is to unleash leadership potential of students by providing leadership training and the chance to learn from “some the most influential leaders within the community.”

Augustana is taking a year hiatus from the PLLC program. The main reasons that have contributed towards the decision are concerns about travel requirements to Edmonton being expensive and inconvenient for students, communication issues, coordination problems, and compatibility with the 3-11 timetable.

Associate Dean, Dr. Karsten Mundel said, “We want to work with leadership with the PLLC to find a better solution for Augustana students to participate. The current model is expensive and there is a lot of burden on Augustana students in terms of travel. We would hope to find a solution that is less costly and less burden for Augustana students.”

Founding Principal of the PLLC Kim Campbell said that “the main reason for the change is Augustana’s change of timetable to create the three and 11 system. It’s not compatible with PLLC’s timetable.”

Campbell added that, “Augustana students are still welcome to enroll in PLLC if they want to commute up to the North Campus on Monday nights. We would be delighted to have them.”

The current cohort will not be affected by this decision and will still continue working towards their PLLC certification.

Eligible prospective students can still apply to the program if they can commute to Edmonton on their own responsibility and are able to manage the class conflicts which may arise.

This break has triggered mixed opinions among students. According to current PLLC scholar Isabella De Goeij, “I think that the discontinuation of the PLLC is unfortunate. I understand that a lot needs to be worked on and improved, but it is too bad that it had to end so quickly.”

She added that, “it was a great way to get Augustana students engaged with the North Campus students. I have had the opportunity to hear many inspirational people speak, and to meet them as well.”

On the other side, a scholar of the inaugural PLLC class Jacob Rohloff said, “I think it’s a really good opportunity for Augustana to reform and re-think their cooperation with PLLC.”

He adding that, “over the past two years, we have seen a lot of issues revolve around PLLC and how the courses are run, how the classes are scheduled and how information is disseminated to Augustana scholars. There were times in which we felt that, as the Augustana cohort, we were sort of the last thought.”

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