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What to expect at this year’s Faculty Follies

What to expect at this year’s Faculty Follies

Augustana’s infamous Faculty Follies returns Thursday, March 30

Hundreds of students are expected to pack into the gym Thursday, March 30 for this year’s Faculty Follies featuring satirical to absurd skits by Augustana faculty members. Past Faculty Follies events have featured faculty dressed as secret agents rappelling down the climbing wall, professors dancing in drag and a satirical news show about the current state of Augustana.

Details about this event remain a secret, however, Misfeldt did divulge that Paul “Sparky” Johnson has prepared a new opening for this year’s event and that students should brace themselves for an “executive order” from the Dean. When asked about the rumoured executive order, Dean Berger said he’d “prefer not to comment.” However, Berger then added that he had heard a rumour that Donald Trump might be in attendance.

The Faculty Follies Band will make a return this year with Lars Hallström, Alex Carpenter, Phil Merklinger, Joe Wiebe, Roger Admiral and Jeremey Sylvester expected to take to the stage.

The biennial event has a long tradition at Augustana going well back into the days when Augustana was Camrose Lutheran College, and Associate Dean Kim Misfeldt describes the events as a big part of Augustana. This year’s organizing committee has several new faces and many new skits are expected this year.

The organizers try to put people together that don’t usually work together, and Misfeldt said that “it really is just about having fun.” She added that the main point of the event is “can we make students laugh? And that’s the best part.”

Faculty have been planning the event for months and hope for record turnout this year. “We start seriously before Christmas so people can start thinking about skits and start writing,” said Misfeldt. Some skits are reused from year to year, but the faculty members involved change giving students the challenge of figuring who is on stage at any given time.

This year’s event takes place March 30 at 7 p.m. in the Augustana Gymnasium.



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