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27 things to do in Alberta this Summer

27 things to do in Alberta this Summer

A list of 27 things that you can do in Alberta during the summer

Play Tourist

1 – Step into the past by visiting Fort Edmonton
2 – See some amazing animals at the Calgary Zoo
3 – Learn more than you ever wanted to know about gophers at the Museum in Torrington
4 – Take a ride on an authentic steam train in Stettler

Get active outdoors

5 – Head to the mountains in Canmore, Jasper or anywhere else and get hiking
6 – Find a lake or river and go fishing, don’t forget your license
7 – Get some peace and quiet and listen to the birds sing
8 – Get into jogging, it’s also a good excuse to buy trendy workout clothes

Indulge your artistic side

9 – Take a pottery class in Edmonton and spin some clay
10 – Learn to paint, Bob Ross is on Netflix after all
11 – Bust out a camera or just your phone for some photography
12 – Learn a musical instrument with lessons from a professional or a friend

Become more eccentric

13 – Check out local garage sales, you never know what you’ll find
14 – Read a book just for fun, when was the last time you did that?
15 – Watch an entire sunrise or sunset, patience is key
16 – Go to a pet store and play with animals, just don’t get too attached

Get hands on

17 – Find some dirt and plant a garden or planter box
18 – Learn to change the oil on your vehicle, it’s not that hard
19 – Take a martial arts or self-defense class
20 – Fix up a bicycle, those garage sales can help with this

Get out of town

21 – Go on a road trip with friends, having a destination is optional
22 – Feeling bold? Find a cheap flight and go see another country
23 – Visit an old friend or relative, it’s probably time you reconnected
24 – Check out VIA rail, yes travelling by train is still a thing

Work your brain

25 – Start learning a new language, it’s never too late
26 – Visit the Telus World of Science, so many exciting things to discover
27 – Have an existential crisis, it’s probably about that time of your life anyway

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