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April word on the street

April word on the street

What are your summer plans?

Danisha Suchak

I’m travelling to Africa for a month and a half and I’m visiting various countries within Africa with my family because it is my last summer before I graduate. Then when I come back I start law school research and 3-11 prep for next year for the ASA and start looking for student discounts.

Nils Asfeldt

I’m going to be working for Madawaska Kanu centre in Ontario for May and June and then I’ll be heading up North to guide rafting for Nahanni River Adventures.

Thomas Anglin

When summer comes around, I’m planning on volunteering with a physiotherapist in my home town.

Annika Olesen

Going to trade my work for room and board at home and help build a house.

Jacob Rohloff

It is undetermined right now. But my number one option is writing the MCAT.

Reagan Mines

When I know, I’ll tell ya.

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