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University of Alberta now providing free Netflix for students

University of Alberta now providing free Netflix for students

New perk heralded as the first of its kind in Canada

The University of Alberta has collaborated with Netflix to offer an eight month free subscription for students. This will be offered beginning on the last day of classes. Students will get a free Netflix subscription for eight months if they register with their uAlberta email address. Students can avail this offer during any time of their degree.

A number of contributing factors have led to this offering. Netflix says it hopes to promote its services among students and to give a reward to them for attending a postsecondary institution. Netflix officials also said that they are working on collaborating with other institutions in North America.

University of Alberta officials that the program will definitely have a positive impact on the mental health of students. Having free access to Netflix, officials hope, will encourage students to access some sort of entertainment, which may help in improving their mood.

Since anxious students prefer not to go out and socialize, this gives them a way to take advantage of campus services without ever leaving their room.

Students from a special committee were consulted before making this policy change final. They have shown great enthusiasm for this student offer with comments such as “I loved Netflix” and “I wouldn’t say no.”

The committee told administrators that these small things make a big difference in student lives, are really encouraging to them personally and won’t encourage any sort of destructive behaviours.

The U of A hopes that offering such a program will ease the financial burden that most university students face and help offset tuition costs.

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