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Gym buddies program now available for Augustana students

Gym buddies program now available for Augustana students

New program allows students to connect and stay fit

The Augustana Gym Buddies program kick-started in September and aims to improve student fitness and get students connected.

The program was started by Thomas Reiger, fitness training coordinator at the recreation centre, after he heard about a similar program being offered at the University of Alberta’s North Campus. “We thought it would be a really good idea to bring over here,” said Reiger.

Reiger said that it can be intimidating to join a new gym if you’re going for the first time or don’t like working out alone. “Or if you haven’t made any friends who have similar interests with regards to fitness and physical activity.”

There have been several students interested in the program so far, and Reiger hopes to make compatible matches between students.  “We check to see if their times match up and if their goals align. These are the first two criteria,” said Reiger.

Reiger also considers the students’ year of study and program so that they may have more in common and make a lasting friendship. “Once they sign up, we get them in here and have them meet. Ideally, they can get a membership and be on their way,” said Reiger.

“It can be a really good way to meet like-minded people and get going on physical fitness,” said  Reiger. “If you’re one of those people who has been interested or thinking about getting to the gym, then I suggest checking it out. I think it’s worth it.”

Students can email Thomas Reiger for more information:

Students can use this link to sign up:

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