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The Cannabis Corner

The Cannabis Corner

An intro to the Medium’s highly anticipated column 

Written by Geraint Osborne and Tim Parker.

Dear readers, let us be blunt. This is not going to be one of your home-grown, hand-rolled, flaky columns. No – our goal is to go for the gold here (Acapulco gold, that is). As you might suspect, this will be a joint enterprise that aims to provide you with a chance to ask questions about cannabis. While we don’t claim to be the world’s most renowned experts on this subject, at least we’re not stumbling around in a purple haze as we attempt to answer your questions.

We promise to keep our answers on the reefer side – oops, that should be briefer side. Also, in the event that we can’t answer directly we will consult Aunt Mary-Jane to see what she thinks, because, after all, she’s no dope. On the other hand, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be times when we make a complete hash of things.

We plan to provide you with the most accurate information we can; to weed out the silly spinach and to leave you with THC (the highest confidence) that you can rely on to deliver the straight goods. So…that said, let us introduce ourselves:

Geraint Osborne is a professor of sociology at the Augustana Campus of the U of Alberta. His main interests are in cannabis normalization and how recreational cannabis users integrate cannabis use into their everyday lives. He has co-authored multiple articles on cannabis use among employed middle-class users and university students, and has presented to several audiences about cannabis normalization, harm reduction, and responsible use.

Tim Parker is a professor of psychology at the Augustana Campus of the U of Alberta. His main interest is in the brain processes that accompany drug addiction, as well as mental disorders like schizophrenia, PTSD, and OCD. He is writing a book on addiction and the brain, and has talked to several different audiences about addiction and the brain.

All joking aside, on Oct. 17 of this year, cannabis will be legal in Canada. While Canadians have had many months to prepare, there are undoubtedly many questions and concerns shared by many, including you, the students. It is important that we continue to explore, discuss, and reflect upon this new reality and what it means for individuals and society. We look forward to hearing from you.

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