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Reviewing cafes in Camrose

Reviewing cafes in Camrose

The best places to load up on caffeine

Addicting, delicious and alluring. You may think I am talking about you but I am not. I am here to talk about coffee: one of the only reasons I am still alive today.

How else can you get through hours of essays and studying? Thankfully, Camrose has an unusually high amount of cafes that will provide more than enough coffee and study snacks to keep you going. Being a student for five years has led to me spend a disgusting amount of money at cafes throughout Camrose, so I have become very familiar with what’s available.

I love going to cafes, and I have been told I can be a snob about it. I cannot espresso how much I love cafes and coffee. I wanted to review some of the more popular cafes throughout Camrose to inform those who have never been around to some of them. My reviews are based on my opinions, and I am not a coffee or pastry expert (although, I wish – that would be my dream job). I will review price, outlet availability, student friendliness, atmosphere, and, of course, food and drinks that I have tried.


Price: $$$

Outlets: There are a few around but sometimes they are hard to access.

Student Friendly: They are a great place to do homework since they have a large cafe space, some big tables for groups, and there is free wifi.

Atmosphere: Sometimes it can get quite loud when it is busy, but it is a great place for hanging out, doing homework or grabbing something to go.

Favourite drink and food: Flat white with a brownie.

Also, the baristas there are super cute but I am biased because I work there.


Tim Hortons

I do not know why I chose to include Tim Hortons because are you even Canadian if you have never gone here?

Price: $

Outlets: Not any that I noticed.

Student Friendly: The prices here are student friendly but this is not a good place to do homework as it can get quite busy.

Atmosphere: It is your typical fast food place so it suitable to hang out in but not my favourite atmosphere.

Favourite food and drink: Iced Capp and birthday cake Timbits



Price: $$

Outlets: There are lots of outlets available.

Student Friendly: They offer 10 per cent off for students and they have plenty of space to study.  They also have a designated study room and free wifi. It is close to Augustana which makes it easy to walk to.

Atmosphere: 10/10. FIKA is in a beautiful character home in Camrose and you feel like you are hanging out in a cozy home. They have beautiful furniture and decorations as well as lots of board games and books to read.

Favourite food and drink: Their food and drink menu changes quite often but so far my favourite beverage is the mint lemonade and my favourite food is the pecan salted caramel muffin.


Fox and Fable

Price: $$

Outlets: A few.

Student Friendly: There is a student discount but it can be a bit pricey. There is tons of space as

the place is quite big but it probably is not a great place to do homework since some of the

people playing board games can get quite loud (like me).

Atmosphere: 10/10 – Fox and Fable is a really great place for everyone since they have so many board games that cater to any size of group and age group. They also have fun themed trivia nights.

Favourite food and drink: Yeah, sex is good, but have you tried their brownie and ice cream with a coffee? Do yourself a favour and go get one.


MainStreet 1908

Price: $$

Outlets: A few.

Student Friendly: 1908 is a larger cafe so there are some good spots to do some studying. It is

also pretty close to the school.

Atmosphere: 10/10. The building is stunning. There are board games and the place is clean and

decorated beautifully.

Favourite food and drink: Lemon heaven ice cream and jasmine gold dragon tea. Their coffee is not my favourite out of all the cafes I have tried, and they do not have a lot of food options compared to other Camrose cafes. They make up for it with their wide variety of delicious ice cream choices and unique tea choices.


Fiona’s Coffee and Gifts

Fiona’s is one of the longest-running cafes in Camrose as it opened 20 years ago. It is an

adorable, small cafe that is a familiar sight on main street.

Price: $

Outlets: There is not a lot as this cafe is quite small.

Student Friendly: The cafe is quite small but there are some bigger tables to do use for studying.

Atmosphere: It has a fun, eclectic atmosphere. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and

there is lots of cool art on the walls.

Favourite food and drink: Apple pie and camomille tea.


Sacred Arts

Price: $$$

Outlets: There are not a lot of outlets around as it is a smaller sized cafe.

Student Friendly: An amazing place to do homework since the atmosphere is so chill.

There is also a student discount for yoga. There is free wifi as well. It is also downtown which makes it within walking distance from the school.

Atmosphere: I love doing homework here because it is a very calm, quiet environment with

calming music and beautiful art. It also always smells amazing since they cook a lot of

delicious food. They don’t have as much food as they used to, but there are still some things to

snack on. If you go, try their muffins because they make the best muffins I have ever had.

Favourite food and drink: Golden milk latte with almond milk and a spelt raspberry white chocolate muffin.


G.O.A.T Coffee

Price: $$

Goats? No

Student Friendly: This is not a good place to do homework as it is very small. But, they hire students and, of course, it is a great place to pick up coffee and snacks before you do some homework. It is also nice that people who work on the other side of Camrose have somewhere to get coffee.

Atmosphere: Although it is small, G.O.A.T. Coffee is in a beautiful small cabin with cute

landscaping outside. It is very cozy and decorated nicely inside.

I am giving this one 4.5/5 goats.

Favourite food and drink: Americano and a blueberry muffin.


All of these places have their benefits. While some of these places may come and go, I think we are so lucky to live in a town that supports so many different and unique cafes. Whether you want to have a nice place to study, hang out with friends or grab a coffee to go, there are so many amazing options to help you overdose on caffeine.

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